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As a victim and/or survivor, you know your experience better than anyone else.

Trained advocates at sexual and domestic violence programs will be there with you side by side on your journey towards increased safety.

There is a wide range of normal feelings, experiences, and questions for victims and survivors of sexual and domestic violence. There are resources across Massachusetts and the country designed specifically for victims and survivors and those who care about them.

No matter what you’ve been told to the contrary, no one deserves to be abused or assaulted. Research has proven time and again that trained local advocates are a major factor in both protection from and healing after abuse.

You may be uncomfortable sharing your experiences with someone you don’t know. Trained advocates are there to help you, offer support, connect you with resources and respect your decisions.Marino admits that her boyfriend was upfront about the things he was asking her to do.He was promising to take care of everything in her life if she would come "work" for him, and while she had her reservations, a meeting with an old friend was what pushed her over the edge.Jasmine Marinos story is one of unimaginable darkness and oppression, but thanks to her strong faith and loving community it has also become a story of courage, strength and above all else hope.Marino, 33, of Saugus, entered "the life" of prostitution when she was just a teenager, and it took several years and countless hurdles to break free.

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Whether the violence you’ve experienced happened recently or in the past, you can call a sexual or domestic violence program to get the support you need and deserve.

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