Air force selection online dating

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Air force selection online dating

Your day will include a urinalysis (drug test), medical exam, eye test, hearing test, strength test, security interview, weight check, body-fat measurement (if you exceed the weight on the published weight charts), security clearance interview, meeting with a job counselor, reviewing enlistment options and possible enlistment incentives, taking the enlistment oath, and signing the Delayed Enlistment Program (DEP) contract.

Oh, yeah, intermixed in between all of this you'll fill out lots of forms and do lots and lots of waiting.

A permanent disqualification means that you failed to meet the published standards, and that won't change with time. Citizenship, but your job choices and assignments will be limited to those which do not require a clearance.The recruiter will weigh you to ensure you meet Air Force accession weight standards.The recruiter will have you take a "mini-ASVAB" (Armed Forces Vocational Aptitude Battery), on a computer, which gives a pretty good idea of how you will score on the actual test.Your blood and urine will be taken and examined for this and that. You'll have to do some stupid-sounding things, such as walking while squatting (this is commonly called the "duck-walk.")Medical Standards for enlistment are set by the Department of Defense, not the Air Force.The doctors at MEPS will medically disqualify you if you fail to meet any of the standards.

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They have the highest reenlistment rate of any of the services.

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