Bigg boss 8 day 18 online dating

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Bigg boss 8 day 18 online dating

Frazzled about her behaviour, most contestants, especially Namitha began to plot: Why not make the whole house stand up against her? Which in a way proved to be annoying during tasks for fellow contestants, but who cares? Oviyans and Jallikattu Julie Julie faints due to health issues and grabs eyeballs for being fake.

Oviya, the good Samariatn, does nothing but wipe her tears and listen to her plight.

Oviya pulled out of the task after playing her part for a while and torturing Aarav as her 'lost lover'. Well, the audience was already fuming over how a show like this could turn mental illness into a task. Her withdrawal from the task pointed to her finding it insensitive.

Bindhu Madhavi, the wild card entrant who's been in the house for just three days, has already ranked Oviya as the number one contestant, and Julie as the least liked.

On the other hand, Aarav who was always considered Oviya's love interest, too has backed out.

After nominating each other in the past week to Aarav going around the house, talking about her unreasonable behaviour, Oviya is now showing signs of wanting to leave the show.

After all, she was bullied, threatened and pushed to the limit in many episodes.The most recent episode of note for Oviyans is the 'shock treatment' one.The house was converted into a research centre with contestants asked to behave as though they were suffering from a mental illness.However, considering the format of the show and Tamil emotions towards Oviya, we are guessing this is just phase two of the big 'Oviya project'.Oviya the rebel We also need to discuss how Oviya's lost the plot many times.

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Now, is she too playing a smart game like the others?

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