Carly patterson dating 2016

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Carly patterson dating 2016

6304891998Caller left a message that the IRS was going to take me to court...called the number back..time I got someone with an accent....wanted my name....address..number.

Phone is identified as MCIaccess something or other....3rd person became so belligerent with me that I did swear at him and told him the next call would come from MD state police. The person on the phone was male and proceeds to Say "he is calling from Wyndham Professional" proceeds to ask me if this "my name" indeed.

I asked them repeatedly to do not call wrong number but they keep calling 6304891216Okay so this guy came over. BE CAREFUL IRS DOES NOT CALL YOU for money 6304891387someone from this number calls my mother who is elderly and asks for me. As soon as my mom says I am not home, the caller hangs up.

We are afraid someone is casing the house and will break in when they believe she is alone. The person on the other end said he was at my door, and wanted to deliver a pizza.

More filed and under investigation and or pending investigation, current number tracks back to all prior cell numbers and home land line phone numbers that owns current phone number and all prior numbers associated to caller back to . She claims she is on a Business Trip and wants us to handle all the contractors for her. 6304891420I see some one asking about this number... 6304891011The person with this phone number is running a scam on craigslist. Dude named "Jacquizz" trying to sell Donald Trump-faced b•u•t•t-plugs.

Filed PCCH & all contacts in history to be notified. Said something like "Well where are you going to go now? Sounded aggressive, fifteen minutes later the police showed up at my door saying there was a 911 phone call from my land line, but when i gave the officer my phone there was no call history of a 911 phone call. 6304891273Received a text from this number claiming to be a close friend and linking to a plus 18 tiny url address. I'm interested why, cause we were ingaged up to 4 days ago, and we broke up because of cheating..if anyone has been contacted by him please let me know 6304891186This person with a foreign accent called my number stating that my 2 year old kicked his dog today. I am selling an item on CL and this person text me and asked for my name, address so he can send me a certified check for my item. 6304891928this jerk harassed me and my family, he broke into my home, and claimed he was a lock smith working with Rankin real estate services, he broke into my home where me and my kids reside, changed the locks on all our doors, and locked our two dogs in the house, we had to sleep in the car, he let us back in the next day only to find out what he did was totally illegal, he's just a contractor property preservation guy, smh, doenst give him the right to evict anyone, jerk 6304891557A male 50-55 year old Hispanic claiming to do concrete driveway work scammed my elderly parents. 6304891607Woman claimed to be with Beckett Law Firm no further information given rude, disrespectful told me I called your phone your better answer the questions. Said the product was made in China and intended to prepare (stretch) all America for what is to come in 2017.

That I am retired and used to wear a badge...that point he hung up on me.

When David's schemes to defraud General Hospital came to light he made plans to flee Port Charles.

While she was dating Scott, an old "friend" of Rick's named David Hamilton was busy trying to seduce Lesley in revenge as David's late wife had apparently always been in love with Rick.

When David's seduction of Lesley failed, David decided that Laura would serve his purposes just as well and began befriending her.

these people don't care if you are on the list and that they need to pay you 3k per infraction. No matter how many times they are asked to quit, they keep texting. It's the # he is texting me on yet I'm confused ' how long has he had it and how can I locate it.

Caller seems to have an affinity for child porn and illegally traded merchandise; constantly looking for young boys to violate. The lady who used to call me is Sona from career point solutions, newyork, NY 6304891016African scammer , lies about being out of the country on missionary work . I live by the apt I was Interested in and I stop by to see and they steal pictures of the house. I'm not looking for him to be angry I'm looking for him bc I love him and he needs help' prayers please !

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6304891433A researcher from CANdi Lab Research, they will only have your phone number if you previously volunteered to do a study for them. She is usually talking about things she doesn't know anything about and is extremely unreliable, misleading, and deceptive. I commented they texted me first they need to tell me who they are then they replied they are sending message to officer Mc Gee.

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