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But it's also in the public domain, which means didn't need to pay for the rights to use it. Normally, this particular trifecta of judges is pretty good about smiling along with whatever name is called at the end of the competition, and because Trent's reaction to winning was so strong and emotional, there weren't too many cuts to Jennifer, Harry, and Keith's reactions.

It isn’t as though the careers of Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken have stalled, despite the modest turnout for the pair’s performance Sunday evening at Club Nokia in the downtown L. Studdard, for starters, earned positive notices for playing Fats Waller in a recent touring revival of the 1978 musical .

Simon Cowell's surprise appearance at the end of the episode — and I do believe it was a legitimate surprise — was funny and sweet and hit just the right note.

(Any more than a brief cameo would have put too much focus on the former judges.) But what cracked me up was that as the three former judges and Ryan were laughing and hugging, the cameras cut away to the current judges' table, where both Harry and Jennifer had their phones out, taking pictures.

(It's sort of even funnier that neither of them actually . All of that said: Did you see her guitar player, and can you get me his phone number? (This sent me into an hours-long soul search about why I'm so attracted to dudes in beanies, so don't let anyone ever tell you has wronged a lot of contestants, but Pia was robbed. But last night, she looked better than anyone else, sounded just as good as if not better then anyone else, and got one of the powerhouse ballads of the night. When Fantasia entered for her first appearance, singing alongside Jennifer Hudson and La Toya London, I was all, "Oh, what a nice dress!

The winner and runner-up of ’s second season (2003) have both maintained solid record sales and noteworthy philanthropy while simultaneously diversifying their portfolios.

After years of seeming stiff on stage and in front of cameras — a marvelous voice unmatched by a compelling personality — the Velvet Teddy Bear has developed into an easygoing charmer whose appeal still has untapped potential to expand beyond his core R&B demographic.

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" But the full magnitude of her look hit me when she came back: This wasn't a dress, it was a peach, long-sleeved, high-necked, bell-bottomed JUMPSUIT, with sequins and glittery silver thread and AN ACTUAL TRAIN. As the big medley of soul and gospel songs wound down, and Melinda Doolittle and Candice Glover took the stage, I was excited — powerhouse singers!