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Space Dandy at the time did reek of temporary fad and that is kind of what it became.

On an unrelated issue it sort of bothers me that Ian himself is quick to ditch past roles of his and quickly embrace/jump on the bandwagon for newer more recent stuff (he's not the only VA guilty of this but he was way too obvious about it) Some of his older work is actually well done and arguably better than his recent work these days but I guess if it's not a main role or super duper popular he doesn't care about them [email protected] You make some very interesting points which I completely agree with.

Imagine being in a cool, dark and sweaty club with a couple of great musicians about to start their set.fter realizing it never sounded good when she sang other peoples songs, Caroline Wickberg stopped dreaming about becoming a jazz diva and foucused on her own songs.The brand new EP ”I’m Not Mad” circles around separation, death, letting go and the confusion and clarity that comes with it. ) 9) Whis (Dragon Ball series) 10) Bora (Fairy Tail)Happy Birthday Ian Sinclair. Dandy was easily one of the best major breakout characters and performances of last year. He's really progressed rather nicely as a VA in the last couple of years, he's brought a lot of humour and charm to all his roles. Dandy's still my favorite role of his, but Brook looks like a very solid runner-up My Top 10 Favorite Voices of Ian Sinclair: 1) Ryner Lute (The Legend of Legendary Heroes) 2) Dandy (Space Dandy) 3) Romano (Hetalia) 4) Brook (One Piece) 5) Baldroy (Black Butler) 6) Mitsuhide (Snow White with the Red Hair) 7) Zapp Renfro (Blood Blockade Battlefront) 8) Sosuke Yamazaki (Free! :)In addition to his awesome performances as Dandy, Whis and R, I also loved him as Zapp Renfro, Daikoku, Otohiko, Akane Hoshi, Shu Koibuchi, Marc, Dallas Genoard, Bora, Kawazu, Kaoru Seo and Shalba Beelzebub.

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To be fair other VAs jumped on the opportunity during that temporary void too (Scott Freeman, Josh Grelle, Micah Solusod and for a brief time Newton Pittman & Jonathan Brooks) Ian is capable of some good performances but he's also very inconsistent.

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