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Consumable online dating

Let’s just say I still know how to get the essentials.And although I know you’re not a beginner when it comes to Ad Words, I can’t tell you how many high-budget Ad Words accounts I’ve seen (0k – 0k/month) that are set up in a way that just makes me super sad.With PPC, there’s nothing worse than not knowing what you don’t know.Inside your Ad Words account, you most likely have short tail and long tail versions of different keywords.But when you have that many keywords per ad group, you can never have a 100% message match between the keyword you’re bidding on and the ad that is being triggered to show.

One of the things I always strive to do is to get all Ad Words accounts to have at least 25 search terms (from highest impressions and down) in a row that are pulling from the exact same keyword.

When you look at your search term report and see search terms that you want to show for but don’t match up exactly with the keyword that you’re bidding on, you’ll want to add that search term as an ad group level negative keyword (from the current ad group) and then create a new ad group for it.

To make sure your keywords are triggering the right ads to show, you should frequently perform keyword diagnoses.

Here’s another example of a complete single keyword ad group overhaul for the entire account.

Notice the spike in click-through rate and the ongoing improvement of it as well.

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When that happens, your search term report starts looking like this: To make this (almost ludicrous) level of granularity happen, you’ll need to start adding ad group level negative keywords (not campaign or account level negative keywords) when there’s a discrepancy between keyword and search term.