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The main audience for the session is contractors, but concrete producers, materials suppliers, designers, architects, and scientists will also have interest in this session.The principal objectives of the existing standard test methods for evaluating alkali-aggregate reactivity (AAR) in mortars and concrete is to identify the susceptibility of aggregates to undergoing alkali-silica reaction (ASR), to identify the effectiveness of supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs) in mitigating ASR, and quantify the suitable dosage level of SCMs in the concrete mixtures.Papers on evaluation methods, prediction models, reliability analysis, and code calibration will be presented.ACI uses cement content alone as the basis for allowable chloride limits for new construction.Both experimental and analytical investigations are of interest.The session brings to light recent research findings and provides an opportunity to discuss present challenges and technical demands.Currently, specifications and design codes are based on the use of portland cement as the primary binding ingredient.The use of ACMs is rapidly advancing, requiring owners, contractors, and engineers to address specifying, testing, and performance of ACMs.

This session will be useful for researchers, engineers, consultants, and those developing standards and specifications.This session will offer perspectives on the challenges of ACMs and how specifications, building codes, and construction practices are adapting to new ACM technology.Early-Age Concrete Properties Measurements for Concrete Pavement Construction Operations and Traffic Opening (ACI Fall 2016 Convention, Philadelphia, PA) This session will promote best practices for obtaining the early-age concrete properties desirable for good concrete pavement performance based on reliable measurements instead of empirical evaluation, guessing estimates, or personnel experience.A review of current research in fire performance of concrete and masonry will also be reviewed, especially as that research relates to promoting rational design methods.The use of alternative cementitious materials (ACMs) in construction is a developing technology.

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The anticipated presentations will show the influence of concrete proportioning and workability on the consolidation energy necessary.