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The ex allegedly invites men to Herrick’s apartment and the restaurant where he works.

Sometimes as many as 16 strangers each day will show up looking for Herrick.

Once a new User Account is created, Workplace will begin sending invitation and other notification emails.

If you'd like to create the account without inviting the person immediately, you must disable the setting Send invites when accounts are created on the Settings tab of the Company Dashboard. Any manual updates made by an employee to their profile picture will change their account to a manual updates only mode.

Generally used for selecting a localised User Interface.

The accounts have Herrick’s photos and personal details, including some falsehoods like a claim that that he’s HIV positive.

This identifier will be unique across all Workplace users and it will be a stable, non-reassignable that does not change with the same User is returned in subsequent requests.

An identifier for the User as defined by the customer.

Valid values are concatenation of the ISO 639-1 two-letter language code plus an underscore plus the ISO 3166-1 two letter country code.

A Boolean value indicating whether a user is active.

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