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Too many reformulations, fall by the wayside, quicker than a cat can lick its own ass. This is what Id expect a Prince Harry to wear, to be perfectly honest. I have these and other flankers , but none come close to this one the balance of the ingredients in this bottle is perfect in every way. This is how you make a frag Recieved the bottle shown I had previously only tested it in stores and had sample/decants of the EDT and the Extreme versions. I re-sniffed my decant of Extreme.I want THAT in a full bottle too !!! This is where you will forever remember the scenes that happened with this scent. And every time I spray, I remember the best moments in my previous trips. And I prefer to have a good Sillage rather than a very good so that I enjoy how it comes and goes rather than bothering me all the time. This is a nice elegant fragrance with a moderate sillage so don't expect beast-mode with this. اگر پول خوبی خواستید بدید واسه یه عطر درجه یک برای استفاده روزانه برای خودتون و یا برای هدیه به عزیزی با اطمینان این رو انتخاب کنید. مساله فقط قیمتشه به نظرم Everyday use luxury EDT for gentleman 35 8.25/10 Yes, this smells like the scent pyramid listed, and like everyone here describes.Ive read where the Royal Family has a longstanding love affair with scents from Penhaligon and Guerlain. I bought my bottle in 2014 and literally never wore but a few times. If there is such a rating of a perfect 10/10 this would be one of them. I wanted to purchase this because I see they have a newer....diferent bottle out now... But, I will pay extra for the older version.sure !!! I don't get as much cacao in the EDT compared to the Extreme...having both is ok to me. Some fragrances deserve to be part of your best moments and this one is one of them. The cacao and lemon combination is really interesting and quite pleasant. Cooler seasons for sure, but I think you can pull this off in the spring and possibly summer. That being said, my first impression: I was reminded of Playdoh; my wife's first impression: "smokey leaves" In retrospect I smell the smokiness she described.Its got a cacao smell thats more pronounced in the dry down along with some herbal tea smell thats very well blended, patchouli and sandalwood create a creamy older gentlemen vibe. It is an average fragrance in my opinion, the opening is very lemony with powdery chocolaty dry-down which is the best part. If projection were greater, this would be a total compliment magnet. It is quite mature, yes, but very classy at the other hand.When I smell this I think of a very intelligent well groomed gentleman having tea in a fancy restaurant with an old collegue discussing world events and what not. I apologize to those who really like this, but I just really can't start anything with this bland fragrance. All said, my final tally for Guerlain’s L’Instant is 4.0 stars out of 5 stars. Not for everyday use imo, but should be on your arsenal for special occasion Starts with a Citrus blast but not overpowering, after a minute or two it develops into a cacao nutty fragrance, that is very gourmandise.And it has a niche-like quality that has never abandoned this particular perfume.Give it time to bloom and in time, it starts to stalk you in the very best way with a triple threat note invasion of cacao, citrus and patch...

I believe this scent, this bottle is worth every nickel. I use mostly niche fragrances now, but this is going back into a frequent rotation for Fall and Winter. My only issue with this fragrance is performance – what a pity that longevity was only 3 hours and at less than arm’s length projection. Pathetic really, Well thank god they failed to fascimile this masterpiece. I get a powdery c I coach vibe and get 6 to 8 hours longevity out of this. today i got a lot more lemon in the opening then usual. along with Dior homme intense this bottle will always be on my shelf. Idk why its classified citrusy because what i find was all woody.

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New L'Instant de Guerlain pour Homme is a respectable pair for the woman's L'Instant de Guerlain.

I wore this to work today, wondering if Id dare to smell it on me by lunch was still there, hanging out, after I first applied it @ 6am.

Simply put, I wear this when Im wearing very nice clothes.

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The heart is warm and masculine: patchouli, cedar, Indian sandalwood, Lapsang tea, cocoa beans and lavender. The nose behind this fragrance is Beatrice a fragrance that's just been hiding out in my collection, all by its lonesome, never ordering me to review it. Because its one of those upper crust perfumes, put out by one of, if not THE most legendary perfume house, after Chanel.

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