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Both wore tan sheer-to-the waist pantyhose, black nylon panties and black high heels. " and a security guard had to guide them through the mob. Cherri laughed and lifted her skirt too and the crowd went wilder.Panti's jet black hair was worn in ringlets and a barette kept her fringe out of her eyes and Cherri wore her long straight blonde hair bunched high on her head with a fringe at the front. In the Studio lobby, Phil was already waiting, signing autographs for a few of the staff who then rushed over to Panti and Cherri to get their signatures too. She dropped off Snoot and Bob who began to sign autographs outside on the pavement.They also sold a line of Transvixen band merchandise.Everybody wanted to buy the T-shirts with pictures of Panti and Cherri dressed sexy in micro-minis with their guitars slung low enough to just cover their crotches."Well at least I have a girlfriend Panti; I hear your number appears on more toilet walls in Chelmsford than bog rolls and that your picture now graces the Oxford Dictionary under the word trollop," Beth opined.

Wendy called a meeting with Transvixen at Wolford Hall the morning of their first concert while the techs did their thing getting their equipment set up ready for a sound check and a full dress rehearsal that afternoon. The radio station loves it; they love the controversy.

"So...speaking of stupid twats Panti, even though you don't have one of course, are the rumours true that you like to shag punters on a park bench behind your venues?

" Beth looked Panti the eyes and smirked viciously.

He dragged up a chair and sat on it backwards, with that stupid grin on his face. For the extended guitar solo of Midnight Rambler they were on their haunches side by side at the very front of the stage, their knees wide apart, skirts high on their thighs. The lighting tech had been briefed to spotlight them and the crotches of Panti and Cherri's knickers was a tantalising sight that drove the crowd wild.

He was handsome and a reasonable drummer but his opinion of himself outweighed his abilities. "Sorry babe but it's a small studio and well..bassist and drummer? "However I want you two outside giving autographs cause there will be a huge crowd there I guarantee," Wendy said in a conciliatory tone. The band all laughed about it in the performers lounge after the show.

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