Test de szondi online dating

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Test de szondi online dating

The second example of operotropism is a man that chooses a profession in which he can satisfy in a socially acceptable manner needs that in their original primary form would constitute a danger for society.

This is the case of pyromania-firefighter, sadism-butcher, coprophilia-intestine or -drain cleaner.

The Szondi test is a psychological exam named after its hungarian creator, Léopold Szondi in the Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest Hungary.

It is a projective personality test, similar to the well-known Rorschach test.

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Personality traits found in this group are pedantry, accuracy, exemplarity; lack of humor, taciturnity, brusqueness; phlegm, callousness, calm; hypersensitivity; obstinacy, stubbornness; Inability to debate, self-consciousness; narrow-mindedness, bigotry; compulsiveness, automation, mannerisms; Feeling of omnipotence, autism; inability to be absorbed in the other (auto psychological resonance); taciturnity, immobility, all-having.

The subject is instructed to choose the two most appealing and unappealing photos.Szondi theory organizes phenomenons like: Antisocial personality disorder, paraphilia subtypes, histrionic personality disorder (P ), paranoid proper as "projective paranoid", narcissistic personality disorder as "inflative paranoid", blunted affect (P00), panic disorder (P--), phobia (P 0), hypochondria (Cm-), Fate analysis of a patient is based on the test score, the patient medical history, and his family background through a genealogical tree.Fate analysis includes Genotropism, a form of depth psychology that had some prominence in Europe in the mid-20th century, but has been ignored for the most part.Szondi concluded that some life choices are genetically inherited.Szondi argued that his research showed that profession choices are determined by the dynamic and structure of the psyche, an phenomenon that he called operotropism.

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Personality traits found in this group are aristocratic exclusivity, eccletic friendship choices, systematizate, schematize, rigid formalism.

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